Thrift Set Orchestra was formed at the outset of 2013 by a collection of Austin jazz musicians that strive to be rooted, energetic, and present.

Born out of a shared love of Classic Swing and Hot Jazz, the Austin, Texas band embraces playing both light and hot; at times reminiscent of a Duke Ellington small group or Django Reinhardt mingled with Milton Brown. It features four horn players (on eight horns) and guitar, banjo, upright bass, and often drum set. The ensemble writes and plays personally tailored arrangements of classic material as well as many originals. Several of the members sing; their styles unique, hinting from the sweet, melancholy of Billie Holiday to the audacity of Al Jolson to the gravel of Jelly Roll Morton’s voice.

Thrift Set Orchestra aims to satisfy dancers as well as listeners and has already developed a strong following among Austin’s wonderful dance community. Setting up a series of monthly runs at the Butterfly Bar, the band continues to expand its repertoire and experiment at further developing its sound. Thrift Set Orchestra is becoming more and more featured at many local dances, clubs and listening rooms. The band plans to record its first album in the coming months, hopefully to be released in the fall.

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Thrift Set Orchestra

@BeckyinATX We are super happy you're loving our music! We'll be playing at Central Market (north) on Saturday, March 8th. See you there!

Thrift Set Orchestra

@SwingDanceUGA Thanks for ordering a CD from us! You should have received it by now. Let us know what you think! :)

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