Ryan Gould

Ryan Gould has been a stalwart Austin, Texas, string bassist since 1999. He explores and performs in various genres, specializing in early American jazz. Ryan has and continues to perform with great Texas musicians Floyd Domino, Erik Hokkanen, Jim Cullum, Jon Doyle, The Jazz Pharaohs, and many others, always keeping audiences happily engaged in the music and the shared experience. He has, through the development of his own unique style, become an internationally respected steward of slap bass.

Ryan derives his influences from music and musicians of all sorts through his backgrounds in heavy metal, punk, bluegrass, and Irish music, and jazz. He infuses his distinctive style into his performances while graciously respecting the roots and traditions of his inspirations. “The music I play is alive and breathing; it’s a spiritual communication between and among anyone willing to take part in the conversation. I’m thankful to be a part of it; I also feel responsible for guiding it and ourselves to new places.”

The Thrift Set Orchestra is a keen focus for Ryan Gould. He values the musicians in the band as highly accomplished artists and professionals as well as dearly loved family. He considers the music that the band creates to be nothing less than sublime.

Arrangements are done by Jon Doyle, Lyon Graulty, David Jellema, Mark ‘Speedy’ Gonzales, and Ryan Gould.

Original compositions in the band are done by Jon Doyle, Albanie Falletta, and David Jellema.

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